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Celebrate Vietnamese Ethnic Heritage and Femininity with a Custom Ao Dai

The ao dai is Vietnam’s national dress and is commonly seen as a symbol Vietnamese ethnic heritage and femininity. Ao dais are a popular uniform for civil servants, restaurant staff and for high school students, but they are also worn for religious rituals, weddings and other special occasions. Two characteristics of an ao dai is a long tunic with a close-fitting bodice, mandarin collar, raglan sleeves, side slits that create front and back panels from the waist down, and wide-legged pants. 

With many Vietnamese migrating to other parts of the world, namely, the United States, Canada, Australia and France, the ao dai has entered the canon of international fashion. Because Southeast Asia is recognized for its legendary aesthetic in traditional woven textiles, many designers are now taking traditional aspects of the ao dai and combining them with their influences to create custom ao dais, which has contributed to its twenty first century revival as a newly fashionable status, which is trendy and traditional on special occasions. Today, you can see custom ao dais in many fashion shows, magazines and movies all over the world.

Are you looking for a place where you can get a custom ao dai? If so, check out the custom ao dais from Danny Nguyen Couture. Every traditional ao dai is handcrafted and tailored to ensure that no two gowns are alike. Renowned designer, Danny Nguyen, handpicks every piece of lush fabric, rich satin, sexy lacing so that you will have the perfect gown on your perfect day.

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